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Making a Will is not hard or difficult. The article below explains the basics, what you need to consider, and how to go about making a Will. More informative articles, ebooks, and forms on making a Will, how to write a Will, and Last Will And Testament are linked to

Making A Will

First, before making a Will (commonly called Last Will, Last Will And Testament, etc.) you need to decide:

     - Who do you want to receive your property? Do you want one person to receive all of your property or do you want your property to be given to several persons?

     - If the person(s) you named to receive your property dies before you, who would you want to receive your property? In other words, who do you want to be a substitute beneficiary?

     - If you have minor children, who do you want to have custody of and raise your children?

     - If property will be given to your children, who do you want to be trustee of the property? At what age do you want the property turned over to your children?

     - If the person you named to have custody or be trustee refuses or is unable to be custodian or trustee, who would you want to serve as a substitute?

     - Who do you want to be executor of your estate? This is the person who has the legal duty to wind up your estate and see that your wishes expressed in your Last Will And Testament are carried out.

Next, you need to recognize what your situation is and whether your wishes are simple or complicated. Are you single, married, divorced, separated, remarried, young, or older? To an extent, your situation determines whether you need a "simple" or "standard" Last Will And Testament. For example, if you are single or married and your wishes are simple and straight forward, a "simple" or "standard" Last Will And Testament may work for you. However, if you are divorce or separated, your wishes may be more complicated and you may need to have an attorney prepare your Last Will. For example, if you are divorced and remarried, you may want your present spouse to be able to use your property until his or her death, and then give the property to your children. In this latter case, the gift to your spouse is known as a "Life Estate" and should be handled by an attorney.

Another factor in making a Will is deciding whether you want to write a Will from scratch, use a Will form, or use an attorney. Writing your Will from scratch isn't difficult, but there are certain legal requirements that must be satisfied. So it is probably better to use a Will form. Will forms can be obtained from the internet or from an office supply store. Beware, on the internet, there are a number of sites which sell "custom" Last Will And Testaments. In reality, they are just forms whereby you answer questions and your answers are merged into a Will form. For a "custom" Last Will And Testament, you need to talk to an attorney and have him prepare a Last Will for you.

Finally, you should know and understand that not all property is covered by a Last Will and state laws may change your wishes expressed in your Last Will And Testament.

The above information is general information only. For specific questions or clarification, contact a lawyer licensed in your state.

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