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How To Write A Will

When thinking of how to write a Will by yourself, you basically have two choices. You can start from scratch or you can use a Will form.

Writing a Last Will And Testament from scratch is not difficult since there is not a required format. Your Last Will can be in any format - it can be a simple writing, it can look like a letter, it can look like a legal document, etc. However, there are certain requirements that make a Last Will a Legal Will. Missing any of these legal requirements will make your Will invalid, and essentually, no good. Rather than "reinventing the wheel", it is probably better to use a Will form because most Will forms incorporate the legal requirements.

You can obtain a Last Will And Testament form from the internet or from an office supply store. A Will form from the office supply store and some internet sites is basically a "hard copy" where you "fill in the blanks". You can make a copy before you fill in the blanks and use the Will form over and over again.

A slightly different Will form is produced from some internet sites and Last Will And Testament software programs. With these programs, you answer questions and then your answers are merged into the primary Will form. Do not be fooled by the claim that these web sites or software programs produce a "custom" Last Will And Testament. They don't. All these programs do for you is fill in the blank. Also, once you have used the internet program, you cannot use the form again without paying again.

Another option when thinking of how to write a Will is simply do not write it yourself. Instead, have a lawyer write it for you. If your last wishes and desires are complicated, it is best to tell a lawyer what you want and let the lawyer put it into legal terms. One thing to keep in mind if you decide to use a lawyer is to shop around. Lawyers charge different amounts and have different procedures for preparing Last Will And Testaments. Many lawyers will charge a good bit less than you expect.

Finally, knowing how to write a Will is not as important as knowing that not all property is covered by a Last Will and state laws may change your wishes expressed in your Last Will And Testament. What you have in mind with regards to your Last Will may not be effective or legal.

The above information is general information only. For specific questions or clarification, contact a lawyer licensed in your state.

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